FRIDAY FRENZY – Flashlight

I’m sure some of you are already relaxing by the pool, sipping your strawberry lemonade, enjoying the summer of 2016, while the rest of us are still trudging through the last couple weeks of school…

Ya’ll stink!

Only kidding….




Seriously, where is that rotten egg smell coming from?

Oh well, how about picking up a piece of summer in a book?  FLASHLIGHT, by Lizi Boyd, is just about one of the most creative pieces of work I’ve seen in a while…and a perfect summertime read!

One more week of school, and then summer here WE come!

Yes, you just keep sipping that frozen drink…Just remember, your house is already wearing the summertime kids are home I’ll never find the floor sand is great for the beach but not for my house why cant they just get along yes we have to wear clothes outside even though its hot enough to boil a monkeys bum what is that on the bathroom ceiling if that ice cream truck comes down this street one more time where in the heck is my 64 oz. coffee mug look……but mine?

Yeah, you’re right! Mine is ALWAYS wearing that look, but that’s beside the point…

You get back to your schedule free oasis, I’ll be over here planning out one last round of lunch pail lunches and gawking over these beautiful illustrations…


Don’t forget about Pinterest!



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FRIDAY FRENZY – Bebe Goes Shopping

You guys…THIS book!

It has been a family favorite for years.

I love it!

Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in New Mexico and the Mexican culture was, and still is, an everyday part of life. Maybe it’s all the lively colors…I mean, HOLA! COLORS! Maybe it’s because rolling my tongue as I pronounce those friendly R’s is so dang fun! Or…maybe it’s because I secretly long to wear a fitted blue dress to the grocery store with my litter in tow and look just as fabulous as the chic Mama in this book!

Ha! Ha! Ha!  Can you imagine?


Whatever the reason, I’m hooked!


Couldn’t you just hang out in that yellow chair and eat dulces like, all day long?


Want to see more happy colors and a pair of green shoes that even I might give up a slice of cake for?

Why are you still here? Go! Go! Pinterest  Adios mis amigos!


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FRIDAY FRENZY – Those Darn Squirrels!

If you’ve ever put seed out to feed the birds, you have more than likely also put seed out to feed the squirrels…am I right?

You have probably tried all sorts of gimmicks to stop those darn squirrels from eating all of that EXPENSIVE bird food…yes?

You might have tried the ‘ol amateur trick of setting out the squirrels their very own serving of treats…Sound familiar?

Perhaps you moved on to the addition of hot pepper to the much sought after feed, only to find that said squirrels rather like their seed spicy….no?

I’m sure you tried lying in wait and beating on the kitchen window next….you got laughed at didn’t you?

Bet your jaw hit the floor when the coveted squirrel proof bird feeder fed the squirrels huh?

You tried hurling ice cubes and shooting Nerf dart guns….And you didn’t even manage to hit fur once, and now you’re missing half your Nerf dart collection and half of your sanity!

But you probably didn’t have much of that left anyhow now did ya?

What am I gettin at?




You will not be sorry.


Lots more nutty goodness over here Pinterest!


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FRIDAY FRENZY – Tallulah’s Tutu

Once upon a time I took ballet. It was a thing of beauty. I was graceful. I was elegant.

I….must have been dreaming because graceful and elegant have NEVER been  words that describe the likes of moi!  No, the real beauty of my being in ballet was that after an hour of sheer torture I was allowed to head back to the gym next door where my real love was…on the gymnastics floor!

Yessirree I endured those ballet classes all for the love of standing on my hands and flipping on that balance beam. I LIVED for gymnastics.

Did I ever tell you that I spent a week (I was 10) training at Bela Karolyi’s gym? BELA KAROLYI!! And yes, I was in the same gym as Mary Lou Retton. MARY LOU RETTON!!

And you know what?

I had to take dance classes from Marta Karolyi…

You want to know something else?

Just because you take dance lessons from a legendary coach doesn’t mean you’re gonna become a prima ballerina (Unless of course you get points for every person you manage to kick/whack with your extremities; and if that’s the case…I WIN!), though you will however, gain a new respect for all those that dance on their toes with ease!

But enough about MY dancing skills, let’s get to Tallulah.

Nora adores Tallulah. I adore Tallulah. YOU will adore Tallulah.


Trust me on this one!


Remind me to tell you about my blazing feet of flames sometime. I might not be able to dance gracefully, but an Irish jig? Well….

Until then, head over here Pinterest for more balletic finds. And yes, that’s a word…I looked it up!


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That’s it, just butter.


Did you hear me?


Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a stick of butter to me!   Those commercials were the best weren’t they?

Tootsie Roll Young ‘un, Tootsie Roll….


Yep! That’s a children’s book with a nod to Julia (Butter Queen) herself down there, and it’s just as original and enchanting as that unabashed woman ever was. You MUST give it a whirl…


And don’t forget the butter!

More eye candy; er…butter, over here Pinterest



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Woo-Hoo! It’s Friday, Friday Frenzy!


Real quick let’s play a game of Have You Ever? Sound like fun? Alright then, here we go…

  • Have you ever watched a teenager lick a slab of ice/snow up a glass front door?
  • Have you ever watched a 5yr. old sled down the stairs on her stomach head first…without a sled?
  • Have you ever found a piece of broken ceramic plate in your cupboard, but for the life of you couldn’t find what it broke off of?
  • Have you ever watched a group of young boys try to figure out if what they just pulled from their hair is a worm, a booger, or a piece of The Colonel’s chicken?
  • Have you wondered just who the heck wrote/imagined the English language? Seriously, if a kernel is a kernel then so is a Colonel, I mean Kernel!
  • Have you ever tried to pick dried Play-Doh out of berber carpet?
  • Have you ever heard your daughter airing your dirty laundry out during gymnastics class?
  • Have you ever had that new fandangled  Amazon voice echo system named Alexa tell you out of the blue that “The Starship has landed”?
  • Have you ever wondered how in the blazing heck does your dryer find one end of the drawstring on your new pair of comfy pants and twist it all to heck while it yanks the other end halfway through the hole..and now you’d have to drink like 40,000 cans of Slim Fast to fit into that stupid pair of comfy pants?
  • Have you ever just yanked that bless-ed drawstring right out of those comfy pants and helped yourself to that last piece of cheesecake sittin in the fridge?

You have?  Well dang, you must’ve had one heck of a week!

But seriously, Have You Ever Read GRANDPA GREEN by Lane Smith?

Grandpa Green

You’ll go completely teary eyed.


You’ll need a tissue….


Don’t say I didn’t warn  ya!


Head on over here Pinterest to see more fabulous Friday Frenzy finds!

Say that 5 x’s fast I dare you!


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It’s gonna be stinkin cold up here in the Northeast this Valentine’s weekend and you know what that means right?

No it doesn’t mean that!

I was thinking more along the lines of a warm fire, hot cup of coffee, and a stack of books..oh, and don’t forget the chocolate, because after all, what’s Valentine’s Day without the chocolate? Chicken if you’re reading this…you remembered the dark chocolate right? RIGHT???

You’ll be happy to know that today’s Friday Frenzy inspiration came from a true love story about a boy and his dog. And a dragon is involved. I’m truly in love with this one! I’m not really a dragon kind of girl, but this dragon is R-i-c-o  S-u-a-v-e…

I can’t believe I just said Rico Suave……….

I really am cool I promise.

Oh right..the name of the book.

The Best Pet of All

 It’s David LaRochelle’s  The Best Pet Of All and it is absolutely terrific! Don’t forget to head over to my Pinterest board for even more inspiration!



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