A Holiday Story!

Weeeee!   It’s that time of year again!


Time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Annual Holiday Contest!  You know what that means?

That’s Right!  You’re about to read my newest manuscript! Restrictions were….

1.  It had to be a children’s story…..CHECK!

2. Theme is wild weather impacts the Holidays…..CHECK!

3. Not to exceed 350 words…..CHECK!

Okie Dokie folks, grab a comfy seat, a warm blanket, and your favorite cup of hot chocolate and we’ll get started!




Perhaps you should grab your bathing suit and a tall glass of iced tea!

Yep, we’re headed South Ya’ll!

Let’s get going shall we?

                                       JUAN PABLO AND THE CHRISTMAS WISH
For Christmas, Juan Pablo wished for just one thing…a wintry wonderland of white! Unfortunately, for a chicken living on Isla del Sol, 
sparse! Nonexistent! Obsolete!
When the other chickens of Isla del Sol heard about Juan Pablo’s wish, they laughed and clucked, clucked and laughed, there was even a cackle and some rolling on floors!
Was Juan Pablo’s wish really so silly? What could it hurt to wish for snow chilly?
A still hopeful Juan Pablo strutted home beneath the blazing sun, 
to plop…
in front of the fan…
and think! Ponder! Plan!
It wasn’t until his ice cube puddled that Juan Pablo had an idea. THE idea!
On a night when young chicks should be tucked into beds, 
With visions of sugar plums dancing in heads, 
A determined Juan Pablo whistled a tune,
And headed outside to work under the moon.
Following his plan, OPERATION BIG WHITE, he flitted tree to tree,
With a sack full of big yellow Christmas seed. 
Like a jolly chick-ninja he worked through the night, 
Only the stars to guide him by their holy white light!
In the blink of an eye he’d accomplished his feat,
Then settled inside for a bite of mincemeat!
He laughed and he jiggled and sighed joyfully,
He couldn’t wait till tomorrow when his friends would all see!
Christmas morning brought presents and glee,
As everyone gathered round the Isla del Sol Christmas tree.
With temperatures soaring like never before,
Juan Pablo’s wish of a white Christmas surely existed no more!
Unless, of course…
Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
The chickens looked up and much to their delight, 
It was snowing big flakes of popcorn of white!
Juan Pablo had done it, his wish had come true, 
But there was still one last thing on his list of “To Do!”
That’s when it was heard, as he dove out of sight,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all…
Pop Corn Fight!”
Are you chuckling?
You’re supposed to be chuckling!
And what has happened to my font and spacing?
My Christmas Wish to be computer savvy has yet to come true!
You can find more Holiday stories at http://susannahill.blogspot.com/.  Finalists will be posted on the blog Monday Dec. 15th, or Tuesday Dec. 16th!  Good Luck to all the contestants!


Hope your Christmas is filled with joy!

Wishing you a Christmas filled with joy!


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Post Card Fun!

You just finished off that last box of cereal, your trash is full, and the recycling doesn’t come for two more days….

What on earth do you do with that cereal box?

Well you send it to somebody else that’s what!

No, not the whole box silly…that would be weird!

But this is not weird.

IMG_0926 (2) - Copy

This is fun.  Practical.  Eco-Friendly. And a great way to send a little  “Hello” to someone special!

Homemade Postcards!

All you need is a pen/marker, ruler, scissors, and an empty cardboard box. *You can use any cracker, oatmeal, pasta, cereal, Pop Tarts etc. box*   To get your Picasso on, grab some inking stamps, stickers, crayons and/or markers and let your imagination GOOoooo….

IMG_0924 (2) - Copy

First things first!  Begin by marking and cutting your cardboard box into 4′ by 6′ rectangles.

Next, using your pen, draw a line just off  center to give you a left and a right side of the postcard. Use your ruler to make 4 equal lines on the right side of the rectangle. *This is where you’ll put the recipients name and address*

Now on the left side of the postcard you can get creative.

IMG_0927 Add a little, or add a lot. It’s really up to you!

I’m absolutely positive this will brighten someone’s day….and give you a reason to finish off those Froot Loops!

Now get going! Somewhere, somebody’s waiting for your masterpiece!

IMG_0928 (2)

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Water Shoes…the essentials of life!

Funny story….

About 18 years ago Chicken and I visited the Grand-Daddy of all water parks..Schliterbahn (New Braunfels).

Ya’ll know where New Braunfels is right?

That’s right, good ‘ol Texas!  And in Texas everything is bigger…and hotter! And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!

To set this story up right you must know one thing first.  I was as big a cheap-0 then as I am now! So when I was told I might want to bring a pair of water shoes I was like, “Water Shoes?  I don’t need no stinkin water shoes! I’ll go barefoot thank you very much!”

This was my FIRST mistake!

Of course we picked a lovely 106 degree, no cloud in the sky, could make the chile peppers cry day to visit the biggest watering  hole for miles around!

sun pic

That was my SECOND mistake!

After much standing in line (I think I grew a beard) for my 5 second moment of joy being shot down a plastic tube only to have water shot up my nose, I decided it was time for a shade tree and refreshment.

That was my THIRD mistake!

You see, in between the slides, Schlitterbahn was very gracious in laying out a green carpet that didn’t heat up to what was  the equivalent of the inside of a Thanksgiving Day oven.  But between the rides and the lounging shade tree area…It wasn’t so…

You see where this is going right?

flame pic

Yep! I stood at the edge of the fire and decided I could surely make it to the shade before the skin actually melted off my feet.. I was quick back then ya know! And I desperately needed an $8 ice cold drink!

That was my FOURTH mistake!

I took off like Jackie Joyner Kersee!  I was gonna make it, I was gonna make it!

Guess what?

I got halfway there and I thought I was going to die!  Who knew concrete could get that hot?

You know what I did to remedy the situation right?

My FIFTH mistake,  and probably one of my biggest, dumbest, most painful decisions EVER! (Except for that time I let my husband talk me into staying home ‘just a bit longer’ when those labor contractions started…but that’s a whole other story!)

Bright idea pic

Yeah, you know those black inner tubes they have lying around all over the place at water parks?

That’s right! Yours Truly, surely my brain was fried at this point, decided in the blink of an eye, that those shiny, black rubber rings in my path would somehow be cooler than the burning concrete and a relief to my singed feet!


I took one step onto that stupid burning ring of fire and bout busted my butt trying to get off of it and back onto the cool, refreshing concrete!

I remember hitting the ground and there being some rolling, yelping, and quite possibly some cursing involved, but I can’t be sure how I even managed to get to the shade. Survival mode can mess with your head!

I do, however, recall Chicken laughing hysterically as he pondered his future with this brilliant and quick thinking genius! (He’s apparently a comedy show junkie!)

Moral of this story?

Water Shoes!






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Book Birthday & Gimmicky Song

Do you want to buy a book,

And read it all day long?

Wimbley’s waited for so long,

To sing his song,

Today’s his special day….

Do you want to buy a book?

It doesn’t have to be just one book….

You were singing that to the tune of  Frozen’s Do You Want To Build A Snowman weren’t ya?



How bout now?

You’re singing it now aren’t ya?

Yea,  You’re gonna be singing that all day!   And that’s a great thing because…


Today is Wimbley The Wonder Boy’s book birthday!!!  WooHoo! Woo Hee!  WooMoo!

Sorry… I got a little excited! But did you hear me?

Today Is Wimbley The Wonder Boy’s book birthday!!!!



Umm…I think there was a bit much dork dancing going on over here…

Want to join this completely safe, 100% act your age party?

Great!  Just head on over to Amazon (the link is on the top right of the blog page) and order your very own copy of  Wimbley The Wonder Boy! *Dork Dancing is optional*

What are you waiting for?

Wondrous preschool mischief, messes, and love are awaiting your arrival!

Do you want to buy a book?  It doesn't have to be just one book....

Do you want to buy a book? It doesn’t have to be just one book….


*Heather S. you have won the lemon basil seed giveaway!  Yummy lemony goodness is headed your way!

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It’s creepy and it’s cooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

It’s all together ooky,

The Halloweensie Contest!

Yes, these are homemade Halloweensie Cakes in a Jar! You want a spoon to dig in don’t ya?

Susanna Leonard Hill has done it again!  She has put a seed in my brain and I can’t shake it… no matter how hard I try!

I know, I can’t get away from the seeds!  I should be a gardener….I’m a great weed grower…not the inhaling kind..sorry.  Though that might be more interesting wouldn’t it?

Kidding…only kidding!

Hey, did you know I am running a lemon basil seed giveaway? You did?  That’s great!  Did you enter the giveaway?  You didn’t?  No worries…

You’ve. Still. Got. Time! Like, a whole 3  days!  That’s enough time to enter and still watch several Gilmore Girls episodes….

You’re right…I should get back to the story!

What kind of seed was planted you ask?

The book idea kind.

The My floors are so dirty they might just get up and walk away but I MUST write this story first kind…..

The If I don’t do laundry soon we’ll all be walking around in our bathrobes but I MUST write this story first kind…and we don’t even own bathrobes!

The I need to go to the grocery store so bad we’re gonna be eating saltines and pickle juice for dinner but I MUST write this story first kind….

Seriously, I love these little competitions.  This time was a bit trickier…It’s Halloweensie themed, the words pumpkin, broomstick and creak MUST be used, and it MUST be under 100 words!  YIKES!

I think I can, I think I can…Hey lookie, I DID!

Keep in mind this story is for the very young (I write children’s books remember?) and although it is quite comprehensible with text only, it was written with the hopes of being paired with sprightly illustrations.

ONE TWO PUMPKIN BREW  (Childrens PB, WC 21, Ages 2-6yrs.)

One…Two, Pumpkin Brew!

Three…Four, Creak and Roar!

Five…Six,  Broomstick Tricks!

Seven…Eight,  Scary Fate?

Nine…Ten, BOO!

Halloween Zen!


Sooo…was it frightful enough for you? Do I need to hold your hand?

You know what’s good for that?

Lemon Basil!


*Head on over to Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog to read all the terrific Halloweensie stories and be ready to vote on Monday November 3 for your favorite….


YES!  The SAME Monday, November 3 as  my very first children’s picture book publication date!!!!  The Most Fantastic Day in all of days…well except for that time I birthed that one kid…or the time I birthed that other kid…or the time I…well, we could be here all night!

Until Monday my friends….






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Lemon Basil & A FREE Giveaway!

Yes I know we’ve done this before but…..Ya’ll know what today is?  Yes smarty pants it is Monday, but it’s also the LAST Monday that I’ll be an UNpublished author…for like the rest of my life!!!!!!  Come next Monday I get to join the club….they aren’t even gonna make me egg a car or anything…not even the deviled kind!  Ya’ll saw that episode right?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’d better do yourself a favor and rent you some Gilmore Girls…like PRONTO!



Gosh you’re a stubborn one aren’t ya?  Well seeing how you’re NOT watching the best show ever made I guess I’ll let you in on something…


You see, I have all these lemon basil plants out back that are just heavenly.  I use them for my tea, salads, chicken…and sometimes I even sneak out there when it gets crazy in the house with those hooligans and just pinch and smell because, Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww…sometimes you just gotta do what ya just gotta do!


Apparently these lemon basil seeds are kin to the bunnies running around here, because they have multiplied like CRAZY!  I started out with one tiny pot of them and they have reseeded themselves into every pot on my deck!   This my friends makes you lucky.


Yes, lucky!  Because I have decided in honor of my new beginning next Monday (the book remember?) that I will share my overflow of seeds with a few readers to give them a new beginning as well!  Sound like fun?  You’re jumping for lemon basil seed joy aren’t you? Well, if you’d like to be entered into the basil seed drawing which will take place next Monday, all you have to do is comment below and you’ll be all signed up!  I’ll randomly pick TWO lucky readers to share my lemon basil seeds with!  That’s right, you’ll receive your very own package of home grown lemon basil seeds directly sown from my pot to yours!

I know, I can’t believe it either!  Who would’ve thunk three years ago my little lemon basil plant and a story book idea would both come together to make a moment we’ll never forget?  Crazy right?

Want to know how to extend your lemon basil love into the fall and winter?

IMG_1090 (2)You pick em…

IMG_1091 (2)You rinse em…

IMG_1093You chop em…

IMG_1152  You freeze em!

Then just plop them into whatever needs a little lemon zing!  You can even toss one into your bath water for a quick pick me up!

IMG_1116 (2)Oh yeah….and pray that your stash lasts you long into the winter! I hear it’s gonna be a doozie this year!

Don’t forget to comment below to enter the drawing and be sure to revisit next Monday to see if you’ve won these golden seeds of Aaaaaawwwww! Well, actually they are not golden at all, they are a brownish black, but that’s beside the point really!

See ya Monday!








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Big Announcement…and tacos too!


Ya’ll know what today is?  Well, for starters it’s Friday October 3, 2014…NATIONAL TACO DAY!  And who doesn’t love a day that we celebrate a food that is eaten without utensils? This Mama LOVES those kind of days.  I mean, if no utensils are involved, then less clean up for me! WooHoo!  Less clean up AND no making lunches for school tomorrow!

Whatever will I do with my free time?  I suppose I could open up that new foot soaker/massager my boys got me for Christmas last year, though the box has become quite the statement piece in the bedroom…who doesn’t need a constant reminder that rest and relaxation is just a cardboard box away?

Oh wait! I know what I’ll do….

I’ll pull out that monster of a book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander, series 8, my most favorite adult series EVER!), and hop into bed early for a marathon night of reading.. (ie)laughing, crying, pining, disbelief, aggravation, more laughing, more disbelief..or should we say jaw dropping moments…although there are just as many book dropping moments as there are jaw dropping ones! You’ll know them as.. this book is so daggum big and heavy I should work out more to prevent the sleepy arm thing that causes the darned big and heavy book drop and ultimate face slam moments! Or, we could just call them Hazardous Outlander Reading Moments, right?  Anybody else know what I’m talking about?


I knew you would take off the minute you saw those tacos!

Oh hey!  You’re still here!  Glad to know it because I actually have bigger news than Taco Day! Guess what today is?

Oh right, we already did that….

Today is…. The official one month countdown to my first published children’s book!!!!

I am proud to announce that WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will publish November 3, 2014!  A. Month. From. TODAY!  ONE MONTH! 31 Days! 744 hours!  Forty four thousand, six hundred forty minutes!  Two million, six hundred seventy eight thousand, four hundred seconds….I think…I’m not that great at math…but who’s counting anyhow?

ME, that’s who!  Want a sneak peek?

Wimbley-CoverWhoa Wimbley, you look out of this world in that astronaut suit! And that martian…complete cuteness!

9 finalCan you stand it?  I know, I know…Calm down would ya?  I see a brown paper bag in your near (31 days) future!

Now, go get yourself  a calendar (grab a taco while you’re at it) and label November 3, 2014 as…..WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY Day!  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Happy Tacos!

*WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will be available for purchase online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from the Publisher Website Xistpublishing.com.

*Scrumptious taco photo was taken by my friend Bev, at BevCooks . Please take a minute..or two or three, to check out her site…you will NOT be sorry!


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