It’s creepy and it’s cooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

It’s all together ooky,

The Halloweensie Contest!

Yes, these are homemade Halloweensie Cakes in a Jar! You want a spoon to dig in don’t ya?

Susanna Leonard Hill has done it again!  She has put a seed in my brain and I can’t shake it… no matter how hard I try!

I know, I can’t get away from the seeds!  I should be a gardener….I’m a great weed grower…not the inhaling kind..sorry.  Though that might be more interesting wouldn’t it?

Kidding…only kidding!

Hey, did you know I am running a lemon basil seed giveaway? You did?  That’s great!  Did you enter the giveaway?  You didn’t?  No worries…

You’ve. Still. Got. Time! Like, a whole 3  days!  That’s enough time to enter and still watch several Gilmore Girls episodes….

You’re right…I should get back to the story!

What kind of seed was planted you ask?

The book idea kind.

The My floors are so dirty they might just get up and walk away but I MUST write this story first kind…..

The If I don’t do laundry soon we’ll all be walking around in our bathrobes but I MUST write this story first kind…and we don’t even own bathrobes!

The I need to go to the grocery store so bad we’re gonna be eating saltines and pickle juice for dinner but I MUST write this story first kind….

Seriously, I love these little competitions.  This time was a bit trickier…It’s Halloweensie themed, the words pumpkin, broomstick and creak MUST be used, and it MUST be under 100 words!  YIKES!

I think I can, I think I can…Hey lookie, I DID!

Keep in mind this story is for the very young (I write children’s books remember?) and although it is quite comprehensible with text only, it was written with the hopes of being paired with sprightly illustrations.

ONE TWO PUMPKIN BREW  (Childrens PB, WC 21, Ages 2-6yrs.)

One…Two, Pumpkin Brew!

Three…Four, Creak and Roar!

Five…Six,  Broomstick Tricks!

Seven…Eight,  Scary Fate?

Nine…Ten, BOO!

Halloween Zen!


Sooo…was it frightful enough for you? Do I need to hold your hand?

You know what’s good for that?

Lemon Basil!


*Head on over to Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog to read all the terrific Halloweensie stories and be ready to vote on Monday November 3 for your favorite….

YES!  The SAME Monday, November 3 as  my very first children’s picture book publication date!!!!  The Most Fantastic Day in all of days…well except for that time I birthed that one kid…or the time I birthed that other kid…or the time I…well, we could be here all night!

Until Monday my friends….






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Lemon Basil & A FREE Giveaway!

Yes I know we’ve done this before but…..Ya’ll know what today is?  Yes smarty pants it is Monday, but it’s also the LAST Monday that I’ll be an UNpublished author…for like the rest of my life!!!!!!  Come next Monday I get to join the club….they aren’t even gonna make me egg a car or anything…not even the deviled kind!  Ya’ll saw that episode right?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’d better do yourself a favor and rent you some Gilmore Girls…like PRONTO!



Gosh you’re a stubborn one aren’t ya?  Well seeing how you’re NOT watching the best show ever made I guess I’ll let you in on something…


You see, I have all these lemon basil plants out back that are just heavenly.  I use them for my tea, salads, chicken…and sometimes I even sneak out there when it gets crazy in the house with those hooligans and just pinch and smell because, Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww…sometimes you just gotta do what ya just gotta do!


Apparently these lemon basil seeds are kin to the bunnies running around here, because they have multiplied like CRAZY!  I started out with one tiny pot of them and they have reseeded themselves into every pot on my deck!   This my friends makes you lucky.


Yes, lucky!  Because I have decided in honor of my new beginning next Monday (the book remember?) that I will share my overflow of seeds with a few readers to give them a new beginning as well!  Sound like fun?  You’re jumping for lemon basil seed joy aren’t you? Well, if you’d like to be entered into the basil seed drawing which will take place next Monday, all you have to do is comment below and you’ll be all signed up!  I’ll randomly pick TWO lucky readers to share my lemon basil seeds with!  That’s right, you’ll receive your very own package of home grown lemon basil seeds directly sown from my pot to yours!

I know, I can’t believe it either!  Who would’ve thunk three years ago my little lemon basil plant and a story book idea would both come together to make a moment we’ll never forget?  Crazy right?

Want to know how to extend your lemon basil love into the fall and winter?

IMG_1090 (2)You pick em…

IMG_1091 (2)You rinse em…

IMG_1093You chop em…

IMG_1152  You freeze em!

Then just plop them into whatever needs a little lemon zing!  You can even toss one into your bath water for a quick pick me up!

IMG_1116 (2)Oh yeah….and pray that your stash lasts you long into the winter! I hear it’s gonna be a doozie this year!

Don’t forget to comment below to enter the drawing and be sure to revisit next Monday to see if you’ve won these golden seeds of Aaaaaawwwww! Well, actually they are not golden at all, they are a brownish black, but that’s beside the point really!

See ya Monday!








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Big Announcement…and tacos too!


Ya’ll know what today is?  Well, for starters it’s Friday October 3, 2014…NATIONAL TACO DAY!  And who doesn’t love a day that we celebrate a food that is eaten without utensils? This Mama LOVES those kind of days.  I mean, if no utensils are involved, then less clean up for me! WooHoo!  Less clean up AND no making lunches for school tomorrow!

Whatever will I do with my free time?  I suppose I could open up that new foot soaker/massager my boys got me for Christmas last year, though the box has become quite the statement piece in the bedroom…who doesn’t need a constant reminder that rest and relaxation is just a cardboard box away?

Oh wait! I know what I’ll do….

I’ll pull out that monster of a book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander, series 8, my most favorite adult series EVER!), and hop into bed early for a marathon night of reading.. (ie)laughing, crying, pining, disbelief, aggravation, more laughing, more disbelief..or should we say jaw dropping moments…although there are just as many book dropping moments as there are jaw dropping ones! You’ll know them as.. this book is so daggum big and heavy I should work out more to prevent the sleepy arm thing that causes the darned big and heavy book drop and ultimate face slam moments! Or, we could just call them Hazardous Outlander Reading Moments, right?  Anybody else know what I’m talking about?


I knew you would take off the minute you saw those tacos!

Oh hey!  You’re still here!  Glad to know it because I actually have bigger news than Taco Day! Guess what today is?

Oh right, we already did that….

Today is…. The official one month countdown to my first published children’s book!!!!

I am proud to announce that WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will publish November 3, 2014!  A. Month. From. TODAY!  ONE MONTH! 31 Days! 744 hours!  Forty four thousand, six hundred forty minutes!  Two million, six hundred seventy eight thousand, four hundred seconds….I think…I’m not that great at math…but who’s counting anyhow?

ME, that’s who!  Want a sneak peek?

Wimbley-CoverWhoa Wimbley, you look out of this world in that astronaut suit! And that martian…complete cuteness!

9 finalCan you stand it?  I know, I know…Calm down would ya?  I see a brown paper bag in your near (31 days) future!

Now, go get yourself  a calendar (grab a taco while you’re at it) and label November 3, 2014 as…..WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY Day!  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Happy Tacos!

*WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will be available for purchase online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from the Publisher Website

*Scrumptious taco photo was taken by my friend Bev, at BevCooks . Please take a minute..or two or three, to check out her site…you will NOT be sorry!


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Look At Those Nails!

Ya’ll know what’s more fun than licking the icing beater?  Well nothing really, but for an almost 4 yr. old this is close!  Jamberry Nails!  The new nail wrap, nail art craze!


Seriously, just pull those babies out of the cute little package, find your hairdryer (I’m too cheap for the proper heater), and kindergarten scissors (House of 4 kids rememeber?), and you’re ready to get your Jamberry on!


Wow! They do look good don’t they?  And they have them in flowers, cutsie little clouds-n-raindrops, polka dots, forest friends, robots, puzzles, lions and tigers and bears oh my…sorry I got carried away!   Seriously, there are sooo many to choose from….It only took us 12 bazillion years to finally settle on the orchid skinny (stripes) and garden.


So stinkin cute!  The nails aren’t bad either!  Hey kid, get your finger outta your nose!


That’s right ya’ll!  Jamberry will leave you squealing with delight!  Did I mention they have confetti cake?  Oh me, oh my!

Want to try them out for yourselves?  Head over to  and give ‘em a go!


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The Way Back Home

It occurred to me, while making a pile of waffles large enough to feed a football team, that I had not posted the pictures from our drive back home this summer! We did indeed make the long drive back from New Mexico to Maryland as our summer vacation came to an end…. This time, we drove through The Lone Star State, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and of course, Maryland. This is such a lovely drive. Every time we drive cross country, I am always amazed at how different, yet beautiful, this country is.

I love the vivid colors of New Mexico dotting the brown desert, the wide open spaces, the storm clouds rolling in, and being able to see the sky kiss the ground…







I love the farmland and rolling hills of Texas, and that big ‘ol sky that leads into Arkansas…man that sky…






I love the flowing water of the grand Mississippi, and the muddy waterways meandering the countryside…




I’m enamored with The Great Smokey Mountains, and the cities that lie within…

Summer 2014 1512

Summer 2014 1501


Summer 2014 1518

Summer 2014 1517

Virginia is a treasure box of beauty…you can do nothing more than sit and drink up your surroundings…







And then there’s Maryland…and she is not about to be outdone…

Warriors Memorial Day Tourney 2014 121

Summer 2014 019



Although the scenery is magnificent along the way, driving up to your very own home…Home Sweet Home…and finding a small Welcoming, is one of the best things of the long, wonderful trip!




We’re Home…And wherever Home is at the moment, Home is the best place to be!

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There comes a time when you’ve given all you can give.

Summer 2014 1066

You’ve worked with what you’ve been given.

Summer 2014 1069

You’ve waited for what is needed.

Summer 2014 1045

And just when hope is drying up and on the verge of being gone forever..there it is.

Summer 2014 1039


Summer 2014 1052

Though it be what you’ve been looking for, searching for, longing for…it may still require a helping hand and a watchful eye.

Summer 2014 1053

Summer 2014 1041

It brings renewed strength, vibrant life, and above all else…HOPE.

Summer 2014 1030

My dreams, my words, my soul….I’m ready for a FLOOD!

These pictures were taken in Carlsbad New Mexico near the Pecos River. It is custom there to have properties flooded (irrigated) every few months. The waterways are opened and river water flows down the canals to be released to property owners through individual gates that must be opened in the canal. Ever heard of Pat Garrett…infamous for ending the life of Billy the Kid? He was actually a part of the Pecos River Reclamation Project that ultimately led to this canal network! Just goes to show….Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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Picture of the Day- July 17, 2014

Spark of Imagination!


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