Picture of the Day- July 17, 2014

Spark of Imagination!


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Ha! Ha! Ha!

Road Trips are surprising, funny and….Oh No You Didn’t!

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Picture of the Day – July 15, 2014

Sometimes you just don’t need to say anything…..

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DIY Fire Pit

If you ever find yourself swimming in water in your laundry room due to a broken washing machine, turn off the power, suck out the water, buy a new washing machine and smile….because now you can make yourself your very own fire pit perfect for roasting marshmallows using the washer bin from that danged ‘ol broken machine!


So you want to know how to make one of these right?

Well first you start by prying off the top and front of that old washer and unscrew anything holding the washer bin in. Keep the front panel of the washer to use underneath your fire pit to prevent any embers from reaching the ground! Once you manage to get the bin out, add some bolts to the bottom of the washer which will act as the feet or stand for your new fire pit. Don’t worry about drilling any new holes, just use the holes that are already in the bin..after all, we are trying to make this easy!

What's left of the old washing machine!

What’s left of the old washing machine!


Now that you have something for your pit to stand on, you’ll need to unscrew and remove the (sorry for the lack of proper technical terms) thingie that sits in the middle of the bin…this is what turned and agitated the clothes. Now that this is removed all you need to do is cut a piece of scrap metal to fit the hole the thingie left behind and attach with more bolts. You will need to drill holes in the piece of scrap metal here..just line them up with the screw holes that held the thingie in place.


Now you’re ready to get cookin…or heatin..or warmin..or whatever floats your boat! How about lighting this thing up and just sitting under the stars!



Of course we couldn’t resist the marshmallows!




Why are toasted marshmallows so stinkin good?



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Miles & Miles….and WIND!

So we took a roadtrip. A 2,040 mile roadtrip to be exact!

Maryland to Virginia.
IMG_7373 - Copy

Virginia to North Carolina.
IMG_7383 - Copy

North Carolina to South Carolina.
IMG_7398 - Copy

South Carolina to Georgia.
IMG_7429 - Copy

Georgia to Alabama.
IMG_7439 - Copy

Alabama to Mississippi.
IMG_7465 - Copy

Mississippi to Louisiana.
IMG_7469 - Copy

Louisiana to Texas.
IMG_7527 - Copy

Texas to New Mexico!


UGH!!!! How many days does that take? It takes 3! 3 VERY long, hard, driving days! I suppose you could drive it much faster if you didn’t hear the infamous “I gotta go” from the back of the van every 100 miles from one of your four kids! But who the heck travels without four kids?

Would you like to hear a funny “I gotta go” story?

I figured you did! It goes like this…….

IMG_7579 - Copy

About 3/4 of the way through our 3 day trip my three year old decided she HAD to GO, and she HAD to GO NOW!!! Chicken gave in despite only being an hour down the road from the last pit stop and pulled over at a much unexpected rest area bathroom….in Texas. Ya’ll ever been to Texas? Ya’ll know how the wind blows out in Texas? Alright, so I get Nora into the bathroom and pull an elasta girl move to squeeze myself into the tiny cubicle without pushing my daughter into the water of doom….*If anyone reading this is a roadside bathroom specialist, could you please tell me why they build those dang stalls so small, and for the love of Pete, why do the doors open INTO the stall instead of to the outside? WHY??? Anyhow, Once inside the stall I began the paper laying on the toilet seat (germaphobe) and….Remember that good ‘ol Texas wind? Well, it was at this point in our little excursion that I noticed this bathroom was not completely enclosed! Yep, the same guy that hung that bathroom door also decided that a good air flow would be really nice. Seriously??? You ever tried to lay a Jenga inspired layer of paper on a toilet seat in a windstorm? I actually found myself standing on one leg and trying to hold the danged toilet paper down with the other foot. It was the most ridiculous round of Twister I have ever played! With one leg hiked up on the toilet seat and both hands holding down the rest of the paper I finally had the seat covered as my hair swirled up and over my head wildly….clearly one of my best Sexy Mama moments! I glanced over at my daughter to let her know it was now safe for her to take her seat! I’m not sure if the look on her face was one of pure terror or complete bewilderment, but with a firm shake of her head I realized she was right. This was ridiculous!! I stood up tall and helped her onto the probably cleaner than home throne, and tried to catch the possessed toilet paper that was now flying around the stall….I ain’t Messing with Texas! Feeling a bit defeated, I Climbed back into the all male van and heard the infamous question… “What took so long?”! If. they. only. knew!

It was actually a great trip and we are having a grand time in The Land of Enchantment! I’ve lots of pictures to show and stories to tell. I’ll be posting more of both in the near future! Right now though, a plate of homemade enchiladas is calling my name! “Suena la Puerta!” Learned this new phrase a few days ago…just thought I’d share in case you ever needed to tell someone to knock on the door! :) You’re welcome!

IMG_7561 - Copy

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Addiction, Oh look..baby geese!

Hello…my name is Angie and I am a children’s book writer. I am addicted to stories. I can’t ever have just one. If you read me a story about the three little pigs, I start wondering about what if those three little pigs turned their homes into diners? Maybe the big bad wolf might be so inclined to sit and order up a burger and fries…and maybe even drop a coin or two into the jukebox. I mean, he’s probably just hungry right? I can be quite a bear when I’m starved, but sit me down and throw a pancake my way and I’m Glinda the good witch! I just wish I had Glinda’s wand. A sparkly wand would be so cool to have right? Sink full of dishes when a terrific story line just pops into your head? No Problem…use the sparkly wand! Can’t find a synonym for dazzling? Sparkly wand to the rescue…actually that’s thesaurus.com to the rescue…and yes, there are tons of synonyms for dazzling, my favorite is pulchritudinous! Pulchritudinous…who but thesaurus.com would ever come up with a word like that? Well, Webster I suppose, but thesaurus.com introduced me to his brother dictionary.com and boy oh boy do I like the way these two operate! Sorry Webster, our time together will never be forgotten. This girl is in love. In love with reading. In love with writing. In love with the challenge. In love with the journey….Now if I could just get Patience to come around and teach me a few lessons on waiting for that yellow brick road, or that golden ticket, I’d be good to go!

Oh look…baby geese!

Geese with babies (14)

Found them in the water reservoir near the house..

Geese with babies (18)

Aren’t they lovely?

Geese 2014 (42)

Wherever Mama goes, you go…no matter the obstacle!

Geese 2014 (43)

Follow the leader…

Geese 2014 (46)

Geese 2014 (37)

Daddy’s always got your back!

Geese 2014 (38)

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March Madness & Fractured Fairy Tales!

March Madness?

Yes, it is the time of year for that kind of March Madness, college basketball…and boy do I love college basketball! I’ve already filled out my brackets…with Virginia winning the whole shebang! While it’s true I’ll be glued to the television watching all of the barn burners and buzzer beaters, there is a different kind of March Madness that has my attention as well!

Yep, I’ve done it again! I’ve written a children’s story for another of Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing Contests! She calls it March Madness! It’s a fantastic writing contest, you’ll remember my entry NOEL from the Holiday contest (I won best entry for a first time author), and this time around the theme is Fractured Fairy Tales!

Why keep entering these Competitions?

Well they are fun first of all, and secondly, they are way out of my comfort zone! I usually write about ideas that float around in my head and I have plenty of time to mull them over, make changes, rewrite etc. With these competitions I am given a general idea and time frame, which is a true challenge, and then I must hit the submit button….always nerve-racking! Moving outside of your comfort zone is supposed to be good for you right? Not sure it’s good for my diet though, I anxiously ate my way through a box of brown sugar Pop Tarts…don’t judge! Thirdly, receiving feedback on anything I’ve written, I feel, is extremely beneficial for my writing career, and from my past experience the feedback from other writers and readers has been terrific! The fact that one of the prizes is a critique by a well known literary agent isn’t bad either!


What to write, what to write?

I first thought of The Prince and the Peanut….it was a good story, but not quite right.

Then I thought of Little Miss Muffet sitting on a cactus eating her warm sopapilla….. I really like this idea and might just turn this one into a manuscript for another time.

So what would I write for THIS contest?

Why not combine several Fairy Tales into one? Fairy Tale Land is just that…a Fairy Tale, make-believe, so anything goes right?

Want to read what I came up with?

Alrighty then….

Here ya go….

Hope you enjoy it!

My entry is for a Children’s Picture Book, (270 Word Count).

(The Never Before Heard Tale Of Fairy-Tale Land’s Most Colorful Couple!)

Mary, Mary quite contrary planted a garden of flowers galore,
She watered, she sang, (but was it all in vain?), for today the flowers were no more.

Simple Simon tried to cheer her up by bringing Mary a pie,
In between bites of scrumptious cherry, Mary wondered where the flowers went and why?

Polly put the kettle on and offered Mary tea,
As Mary sipped she thought very hard, about where those flowers might be.

Jack and Jill offered their help and looked around the well,
But all they found were rocks and stones, and one sadly broken pail.

The little Crooked Man and his little crooked cat,
Promised to help with Mary’s search, and find just where those blooms were at!

Trying to cheer up Mary, said little Boy Blue upon blowing his horn, “let’s go round the Mulberry Bush!” to a Mary quite forlorn.

Little Bo Peep knew very well, just how Mary was feeling,
She gave her advice then promptly fetched, her sheep that clung to the ceiling!

Sitting up high on the tall stone wall, a balancing Humpty could see,
That Mary would soon be happy again, and find herself filled with glee!

It was then Georgie Porgie professed his love for Mary, and to her he would devote,
Declaring from a most familiar, blooming flower covered float!

Mary feeling most relieved, her flowers they were found,
Thought a bit and decided, Mary Porgie was a most remarkable sound!

Together newfangled gardens they would plant, standing hand in hand,
And that’s just how Mary and Georgie, became the finest flower gardeners, in all of Fairy-Tell Land!


If you’re so inclined, click on the comment tab and let me know what you think! I love feedback! Also, be sure to head over to Susanna’s blog at http://susannahill.blogspot.com/ to read all of the entries. Susanna will narrow it down to 5 or so finalists and then YOU, the readers, vote on your favorites! Voting will begin on Thursday March 27-March 30th. Winners will be announced on Monday March 31st! Wish me luck!

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